The Universal Laws Solutions to “Holiday with the Family”

Image Holiday times are not always the most fun. Yes, we get to spread cheer, joy and germs to all, yet we find ourselves dealing with unmet expectations, family dysfunction and sugar headaches! What is a spiritual person to do? “rise above it and Let it go!” That is the message for the season and oh yes, almost no body likes fruit cake!

Boy that sounds harsh! Well, it very well might be! Yet, “Let it go” is a Christmas Miracle manifested by understanding how to “Rise above it” using the Universal Laws.

These Universal Laws are attributed to Hermes Trismegistus known as the discoverer of Alchemy. Tradition has it that he lived to be 300 years old. His wisdom is written down in a book called The Kybalion teaching that the art of Hermetic Alchemy has to do with the Mental Forces and not the Material Forces. So we don’t look to alchemy and the Universal Laws to transmute lead into gold, but to transmute our own lower mental thoughts.

One of the Universal Laws states that “One will go into total dysfunction when one gets around ones family.” You may think that is not part of a Universal Law, but alas it is. It has to do with the Law of Vibration. Everything vibrates and each family member vibrates at their own level. But because you were raised together, you also have some shared vibrations. Think of it as your family issues share similar vibrations! The Law of Vibration includes: When vibrating objects are put together in close proximity, they will vibrate together and their common vibrations will be strengthened. It is through “resonance” and “induction” The Kybalion state “Hermetic Philosophy teaches that all manifestation of thought, emotion, reason, will, or any mental state or condition are accompanied by vibrations, a portion of which are thrown “off” and which tend to affect the minds of other persons by induction.” This Principle explains telepathy and other mental influences.” (including family dysfunction)

It is a sad fact that when you get near your family who shares the same common upbringing and thereby common dysfunctions, the dysfunctions you thought you had gotten rid of come crashing back. For example, you might be feeling quite loving toward a sibling when you walk into the family homestead. You are not feeling competitive at all when along comes your sister whom is still quite competitive. As children you did compete and as Sis is sizing you up and spewing competitive vibrations, those darn vibrations seem to seek out and find your “hidden or repressed” competitive vibrations. When two or more vibrations are together, they amp up and all the sudden you are feeling competitive!

Image Universal Law is that “Your jerky cousin will say something to cause you to have an emotional reaction.” The Universal Law this refers to is called “The Principle of Rhythm” which teaches us that everything swings. Our moods, our patience level, everything swings back and forth. You may be cranky now, but your pendulum will swing to the positive side eventually. The trick is to “Rise above” your knee jerk reaction to your jerky cousin, using the sub law of Neutralization, and watch your emotion be affected with out acting out on it or letting it get to you. The Kybalion explains it this way. “There are two major planes of Consciousness: the higher and the lower. By going into the higher level, you escape the pendulum swing in the other. The swing occurs on the Unconscious Plane and the Conscious Plane is not affected. This is called the Law of Neutralization which consists in the raising of the Ego above the vibration of the unconscious Plane of mental activity so that the negative-swing of the pendulum is not manifested in consciousness and therefore one is not affected. It is like when one says “I rose above it!” It is important to remember that the Principle of Rhythm cannot be destroyed, but Will is superior to the conscious manifestation of the principle, yet the Rhythm continues none the less. We just escape being carried along with it. So it doesn’t mean that we don’t experience annoyance at our cousin, we just don’t act it out or let it act us out!

Actually being able to do it requires understanding our mind. In psychology we learn that we are of two minds called the Higher Mind and Ego Mind. Some call it the “I” and the “Me” The”Me” identifies with body, its emotions, its physical appetites, etc. It thinks the body is basically it. When one truly looks inward, there is the realization of a second mind. That of the “I” or observing self that says the “me” is hungry but just ate. One starts seeing that we are more than our bodily needs and emotions, and that we can control these by use of Will. We are then able to sit in the “Not-me” or the “I” and not be affected by emotions, bodily appetites, etc.

Another Universal Law is “You will not agree with every issue that comes up at the Dinner Table.” What about when the conversation turns to politics or worse, religion? Think of the Universal Law of Polarization. The Kybalion teaches: “This Principle embodies the truth that “everything is dual”, “everything has its pair of opposites” It explains that in everything there are two poles, or opposite aspects and that the two opposites are really only the two extremes of the same thing, with many varying degrees between them. Hot and cold are two opposite extremes of the same thing, namely temperature. It merely is different in the rate of vibration.” So when your Brother starts talking about his need for a structured religion, his is just showing you that he is at a different end of the pole of Spirituality. Rejoice in the fact that you both have the something Spiritual in your life, letting that be your common ground! Don’t worry that you don’t agree on which end of the pole is the correct end. Instead of focusing on the Hot or Cold of the issue, find somewhere in the middle that might be warm and safe!

Another Universal Law is “Your over achiever Aunt will criticize your choice in career” This brings us to the law of Cause and Effect. The Kybalion teaches that “Cause and Effect” deals merely with “events” that which comes, arrives or happens as a result or consequence of a previous event. Nothing creates another event, just merely precedes it.” So when your Aunt decides to tell you that your choice in career is doomed, remember, this too is a consequence of a previous event. Her criticism is most likely based on a failure in her life or a fear of taking a risk. You didnít create it and most likely don’t deserve it. So, Let it Go and Rise Above It. (see Rhythm Law) The fun part will be watching how the fact that you didn’t go off in a huff creates a new cause for her and the effect could be she will be less likely to pick on you the next time!

There are other Universal Laws, but we will save them for another Holiday Season. The important thing to remember is that you have Will to make a conscious choice of how you will vibrate and which vibrations you resonate with. You can Rise Above the Situation by Letting it Go. Sometimes, no matter how crazy the Holidays vibrate us, remember the Law of Rhythm. Bad mood today? Better mood tomorrow! And don’t forget that famous Christmas Carol ~ “Let it go, Let it go, Let it go!”


Cindy is a psychic in Skaneateles, NY who is now tweeting under the name of @Tarotheals. Find her on Facebook at Cindy Griffith’s Giving Back Page.You can visit her web site to read her daily Tarot Numerology tweets, find out where she is reading and teaching as well as read other articles she has written!

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