Soul Soothers Grounding Roots Meditation

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Grounding is the process of connecting to earth’s energy and bringing that energy into your body. Your ground can be thought of as your roots. Through the grounding process, you gain energy, nourishment, balance, power, security, stability, and spiritual growth.

Cindy Griffith-Bennett author Soul Soothers

The Grounding Meditation – Roots

1. Take three deep breaths, relaxing your shoulders with each exhalation.

2. Return to breathing normally.

3. Direct your awareness to your feet.

4. Imagine that strong and healthy roots are growing out of the soles of your feet and into the floor.

5. Envision them as super roots that can move through anything.

6. See them going deep into the earth. Feel the coolness of the earth.

7. Exhale as you send your frustration and any negativity you may have down through your roots, allowing the earth to absorb your tension.

8. Ask Mother Earth to cleanse and clear your roots and the ground below you.

9. Visualize your roots growing deeper and deeper into the earth until they reach a pool of nourishing Mother Earth energy at earth’s center.

10. As you would draw up your favorite drink through a straw, imagine loving, nurturing Mother Earth energy rising up through your roots and into your legs.

87eec4036968a1319c48ede21e03b9c111. Imagine Mother Earth energy constantly rising through your roots with each in-breath.

12. Be forgiving, yet firm each time your mind wanders.

13. Allow soothing energy to rise up first into your legs, relaxing each muscle it caresses as the energy continues to rise.

14. Breathe in, letting the energy continue up through your thighs, soothing and relaxing your muscles.

15. Let the soothing energy rise through your hips, relaxing all the muscles in your back and chest, as it bathes every cell in your body.

16. As Mother Earth energy reaches the top of your head, imagine it flowing up and out, like a fountain, and then pouring down the outside of your body. The circuit is completed as the nurturing energy flows back into the earth.

17. Thank Mother Earth and ask that all tension, frustration, or whatever you released be cleansed and returned to the earth as healing energy.

18. Allow yourself to retract your roots, yet leave a little of yourself in the earth so you stay grounded all day.

This is an excerpt from Chapter 5 of Soul Soothers: Mini Meditations for Busy Lives written by Cindy Griffith-Bennett and published by Findhorn Press. For a preview of Soul Soothers, Click Here!


Cindy is a psychic in Skaneateles, NY who is now tweeting under the name of @Tarotheals. Find her on Facebook at Cindy Griffith’s Giving Back Page. She is the author of Soul Soothers: Mini Meditations for Busy Lives and co-author of Voyage of Purpose. You can visit her web site to read her daily Tarot Numerology tweets, find out where she is reading and teaching as well as read other articles she has written!

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