Speaking Your Truth ~ How to Be Heard

2a9dcd778f051075cb2f6c7479292837Speaking your truth means being true in your words in a way that is true to your beliefs. Speaking your truth can assist you on your spiritual path, yet this can be difficult when the person you are speaking with does not accept your truth. In this case, it is important to think before you speak.

When you find yourself in a conversation that calls upon speaking your truth and may result in a disagreement, ask yourself, “How can I say what is genuine in a way that the person I am speaking to can hear my truth without making him or her defensive?” When someone is defensive, they stop listening and we call that “shutting down.” You cannot have a productive conversation with someone who has shut down.

Most disagreements come out of a differing in personal truth. It is important to remember that there is not just one truth. Yes, there may be some universal truths, but our personal truth is usually relative to our experience. One way for you to not get defensive and shut down is to look at what is being discussed from both your points of view.

Sometimes people cannot hear your truths because their experience is different from yours and so your personal truth is not their truth. For those times, it may be okay not to speak your truth. Sometimes it is okay to just let the person talk without having to agree or disagree.

976e46624336a6dc1518f965b2dc8afdWhen in a situation where you know the person’s personal truth is different from your own, ask your self these questions. (1) Is he or she asking my truth? (2) Is the person open to hearing my truth? (3) Is it harmful to this person to continue to hold this belief? (4) Is my relationship with this person one that allows for dissenting truths? (5) Will my truth be harmful to this person?

Yet, more often than not, it is important to speak your truth. So it is helpful to understand how to communicate without causing a person to shut down.

Before you speak your truth, it is essential to listen to the person you are talking to, fully, with true attention. If someone asks you a question that you think will create disharmony, make sure that your own energy is not defensive or forceful. Then ask what he or she thinks about the question or why the person is asking. This allows the person to talk and for you to find out what his or her truth is before you answer. Be open and accepting of the person’s truth, even if it is not in agreement with yours.

Stand or sit without your arms or legs crossed. Clasping your hands behind your back is the most receptive position as your heart center is fully opened to who ever you are talking with, creating an open and receptive posture. Matching body language can also help create bonding between you both.

Your energy is also important. Make sure you are aware of your own energy as you listen and then respond. Defensiveness will only create discord. Choose to vibrate with a loving, compassionate, and accepting vibration.

aa4ebf0a8db14d9617e36d111c915fd1Only you can decide if speaking your truth is important in any given situation. That is not to say that you should go against your truth; sometimes you simply may not need to present it. Even if you feel that person is wrong, there is no need to judge him or her; your truths are simply different, just as your experiences are different. You need to be strong in your truth to allow another to talk about a truth that is in conflict with yours without becoming defensive and needing to rebuff. So, actually it can be a great spiritual lesson to not speak your truth in some cases.

Although you cannot control how another person will receive your truth, you can grow spiritually by speaking your truth with loving acceptance for the other person. Listen to the person with that same loving acceptance, even if he or she cannot hear your truth as gracefully. The best energy of speaking your truth is one of openness as well as receptiveness. Your truth will be more successfully heard when you are as open and receptive to another’s truth as you want that person to be open to yours.

This article is reprinted from Om Times Magazine, ©2015, and is available at http://OMTimes.com.

Cindy Griffith, Psychic, Spiritual Development Teacher, Blogger, and Author of Soul Soothers: Mini Meditations for Busy Lives is excited about her new book, co-authored with Lisa K., Grow Your Spiritual Business; coming Fall 2015. Cindy teaches throughout the US and Tokyo. Find more about Cindy, her articles, books and meditation CDs, and Psychic readings at http://www.CindyGriffith.com and http://goo.gl/QOzET


2 thoughts on “Speaking Your Truth ~ How to Be Heard

  1. Speak Truth in Love! Gentleness and authenticity! Love is like water, it finds the lowest place to flow, cleansing and washing and removing obstacles gently and powerfully! Thank you for speaking your truth!

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