2016 – The Year of the Hermit

9 Hermit CEvery January we switch into a new ‘Universal Year Cycle,’ which affects the world, your community and you personally. Year Cycles are easy to figure out whether you use a traditional Numerology, which uses the numbers 1-9 or Tarot Numerology, using 1-22. To figure 2016’s Universal Year Card, add 2+0+1+6, equaling 9.

The number 9 corresponds with the Hermit Tarot Card. So in Tarot Numerology, 2016 is the Year of the Hermit. The Energy of the Year Card tends to polarize depending on the temperament of the mass level of consciousness, the consciousness of world leaders or community leaders, as well as the individual’s level of consciousness. In 2016’s case, if you are living in a more conscious community, you may find that the Hermit energy, which is primarily wisdom and introspection, will positively affect choices. Yet, if your community leaders tend to take the low road, they could be more stubborn, detached and less patience, which are also Hermit qualities.

The World – A Hermit year can have both positive and detrimental affect on us worldwide. This upcoming year could find some world leaders making wiser choices and acting in a more spiritual manner while others may want to have their countries keep to themselves. On the other hand, this need for solitude could give rise to more closed borders and a lack of coming together for taking action. The energy of a Hermit Year has the potential to inspire countries to act spiritually, work together with similarly minded countries and help provide for those in need. Being a year of introspection and integrity, countries may readjust policies because the policies no longer fit the consciousness of the country at large. The Hermit is a leader and teacher so you will find that education on all levels, especially spiritual, will enjoy increased accessibility and those that are availing themselves to it will be respected. Finally, we should see leaders coming forward with a stronger spiritual focus.

Your Community – Closer to home, the Hermit can create wonderful opportunities for those wanting change to be heard as long as they come from a place of reason not emotion. People will be more likely to listen to reason and although they are less attracted to events that would be deemed frivolous or materialistic, if the event is for a good cause, it will be a big success. You may find that communities come together to create programs that promote higher learning.

Your 2016 – The Hermit Year is great for introspection. You will have all the tools to go within that you need. You will most likely shy away from shallow people and be drawn to groups and classes you feel are “quality.” The Hermit is very wise and respected, so during this year, you will find others asking your opinion and offering respect that you might not have gotten the year before. You may start to teach this year, take on an apprentice or become a student of spiritual teachings. You will most likely want to dive deeper into spiritual practice and study. This is definitely a time to dive deep within and touch your soul’s vibration!

So take advantage of 2016 to go within, assist your community with promoting higher learning and making change and communicate with your world leaders to let them know that spiritual values and actions are something that you respect and expect from your leadership.

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