Seven Days To a Positively Abundant Life!

3de09465d2d748301508cc6a12aade55Your vibration is one of the most important factors in determining your quality of life. What determines your level of vibration? Thoughts, actions and your environment are the main influencers of vibration. Actions based on judgment and negative thinking tend to lower vibration whereas actions based on thoughts of compassion and love will raise vibrations. With a simple daily practice, you will see how raising your vibrations can change your mental and emotional outlook as well as your environment, attracting an abundance of positivity and opportunity, thus improving your life.

l_452b5abeb87a124beb5ab5c1e2df1ac3Your environment not only affects you vibration, you vibration influence your environment. Your vibrations, also called your energy, waft out like the smell of cookies baking in the oven. For Example, if your vibration reflects a calm and peaceful energy it will imbue your surrounding with a sense of calm and peace. Those coming in contact with you will, consciously or not, be affected by that calm and peace to the level that they are either resonating with your vibration or in conflict with it. People resonate with you if their vibrations are similar. The stronger the resonance, or similar vibration, the stronger your calming affect is. This is one reason meditating in groups is so helpful. The group having one focus creates a resonance that increases the vibration of all in the group more than if each one was to mediate alone.

The Law of Attraction teaches that similar energies are attracted to each other. You want IMG_4033to attract higher vibrating, positive thinking people in order to increase the amount of positive energy in your life. This in turn will increase the opportunity for positive people and events happening around you thus creating an abundance of friendships and opportunities. A bonus is that people with lower or negative vibrations won’t feel comfortable around you, so they won’t stick around. Your life changes for the better when you are more aware of your vibration because you choose your energy and that of your environment.

images-2Let’s be real though. No one is vibrating at a super high level for long periods of time. Your level of vibration, like your emotions, naturally goes up and down. Trying to force your self to “think happy thoughts” and pretend everything is okay is not healthy. It’s important to honor your mental and emotional state. Yet, by becoming mindful of how your thoughts and emotions influence your vibration, you can use the seven steps below to raise your vibration and have greater influence over your mind, emotions, and ultimately what you attract into your life.

How can you shift your vibration in just a week? Each day try one of these suggestions. If you don’t feel comfortable with one of them, just pick another to do that day.

  • Day 1: Sing or listen to positive uplifting music or read positive and empowering literature. By surrounding yourself with positive thoughts and sounds, you will start to see that higher vibrations help you feel better. This validation will urge you forward to Day 2!
  • Day 2: Spend time with a group of positive people or an inspiring friend. By getting out of your own energy and into a group of positive people, you begin to resonate with their more positive energy, giving your body and mind an example of what higher vibrations feels like.
  • Day 3: Think of a loving situation or something you are grateful for and allow that vibration to fill your heart and radiate throughout your body. Gratitude is a proven way to not only attract positive energy, but to attract abundance on all levels. Love is one of the highest vibrations so allowing yourself to bask in loving energy will raise your vibration and help you to more easily express love outwardly thereby attracting even more positive energy to you.
  • Day 4: Try meditating by simply focusing on your breath for a few minutes. This simple yet affective mediation brings you into the present moment. When we are in the present moment, we are not wasting our energy worrying about the future or fretting about the past. When you find yourself in the past or present, practice focusing on your breath to bring you back into the present moment.
  • Day 5: Donate something or volunteer your time. Giving to others is a wonderful way to shift the focus off your own issues and see that others struggle too. Being of service has long been a spiritual instruction for raising your vibration. Plus it just feels good to help someone else. Another bonus, getting rid of clutter is a great way to wash your environment of old energies.
  • Day 6: Take care of your body by getting enough sleep and eating well. By now you will have experienced how raising your vibration not only increases your positive vibrations, it feels really good. A healthy body can vibrate at a higher level more easily than one that is tired or bogged down with heavy foods.
  • You are PerfectDay 7: Finally, Don’t judge your vibration; just do the best you can, when you can. Judgment lowers your vibration! This last point is very important. You are human and sometimes you need to be in a crummy mood. Remember, it is healthy to allow the full spectrum of emotions. You can, though, help yourself emotionally, mentally and physically by practicing at least one of these steps each day no matter how you are feeling.

You can’t fake your vibration. Yet by taking one of these steps each day you will find your vibration rising naturally. With those higher vibrations you will start to feel more positive, starting the ball rolling to a more positive you and a positively abundant life.

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Cindy Griffith is a Psychic, Spiritual Development Teacher and Blogger. Author of Soul Soothers: Mini Meditations for Busy Lives, she is excited about her latest book, co-authored with Lisa K., Grow Your Spiritual Business. Cindy teaches On line, at the Edgar Cayce Center in Virginia Beach and in Tokyo. Find more about Cindy, her articles, books, and Psychic readings at Cindy


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