My DM from God

Direct messages are not only on Facebook. I received one from God! I was used to my conversations with God being one sided. I sometimes felt like the Verizon Guy, saying, “Can you hear me now, God?” Much to my surprise, one day God answered back. I had finally met the guy … you know, … More My DM from God

Living Compassionately

Spiritual texts are consistently telling us we should value living a compassionate life. But what is a compassionate life? How does one become compassionate? What is the real value of compassion? The energy of compassion is one of love, acceptance, non-judgment, allowance and interconnection. It is the ability to hold another person in your heart, … More Living Compassionately

Why is Love Blind?

Ever wonder why you didn’t see that relationship nightmare coming? Wish you had a super power that allowed you to see someone clearly on the first date? Looking back, now you can see all the warning signs were there…. but why couldn’t you see them that first date… or the second or third?

Don’t beat yourself up… you can blame your Chakras. Yes, those seven energy vortexes in your Energetic System that process incoming energy. … More Why is Love Blind?