Why is Love Blind?


Balloon characters first dateEver wonder why you didn’t see that relationship nightmare coming? Wish you had a super power that allowed you to see someone clearly on the first date? Looking back, now you can see all the warning signs were there…. but why couldn’t you see them that first date… or the second or third?

Don’t beat yourself up… you can blame your Chakras. Yes, those seven energy vortexes in your Energetic System that process incoming energy.

Well, maybe not blame, but understanding how those Chakras are interconnected is helpful to understand why its so hard to see people clearly when you first meet them.

Spiral Chakra ManYour Chakras are non-physical energetic vortexes that take in, process and run energy through your body. Chakras are interconnected linearly; each Chakra affects the one next to it. Chakras are also interconnected through a spiral pattern. You can see how in the diagram. If one Chakra is not working well or for some reason hogging all the energy, there isn’t as much energy for the Chakra it is connected to.

When looking at the Chakra’s interconnection through the spiral pattern, the Heart Chakra is the center with the spiral going out from there. So the Solar Plexus (3) is connected to the Throat Chakra (5); the Sacral (2) is connected to the Brow (6) Chakra and the Base or Root (1) is connected to the Crown Chakra (7.) What does this mean and what does it have to do with love being blind?

If a Chakra experiences stress, over use, or is not supported, it can drain the energy from the corresponding connected Chakra. For example, as shown above, the Root Chakra, responsible for security (among other things) and the Crown Chakra, responsible for connection to the Divine, are connected. It makes sense that people overly focused on security, the vibration of the Base Chakra, would struggle with their spirituality, a Crown Chakra responsibility. In this example, the Base Chakra is in overuse and drains energy from the Crown. In the same way, people overly focused on their spiritual life often have trouble paying their rent.

heavy thinking woman

The connection between the Sacral (sex and sociability) and the Brow Chakra (intuition) is seen in our first date scenario and answers why love is blind. On the first date, you stress about questions like “Will the two of us will get along,” “Will the sex be good” and “Will my friends like this person.” This ends up overloading the Sacral Chakra and using all its energy. The overload then drains energy out of the corresponding Brow Chakra. Without a strong Brow Chakra, which offers insight through our intuition, you can’t see the person clearly. Your intuition doesn’t kick in. It isn’t until you become more comfortable in the relationship that the Sacral Chakra calms down enough so your Brow Chakra can work properly!

3de09465d2d748301508cc6a12aade55The Heart Chakra is the center, so when the Heart Chakra, which relates to unconditional love and compassion is struggling, it becomes hard for any of the other Chakras to work well.

 So how does one stop this tug of war at the start of a relationship? The Heart Chakra is the center around which all else is balanced and so take care of that first.

Then be aware that you may need to nourish and support your Sacral Chakra and help out that Brow Chakra.

  1. When you are single, be sure to keep up with friends that support you and do things for yourself that you wish a prospective mate would do like bring yourself flowers, take yourself for that walk in the rain.
  2. On a first date, know that you might not be seeing clearly, so sit back and enjoy the process, ask questions about your date as well as talk about yourself.
  3. Try meditating before and after your date to strengthen the Brow Chakra,
  4. Drink more water during your date to support your Sacral Chakra. Plus too much alcohol is not the Brow Chakra or anyone’s friend.
  5. Go on more than one date with a person before you are intimate, often it takes six dates for a person to start truly revealing themselves and you to relax enough for the Brow Chakra to kick in.

Dating can be stressful enough without going in blind, give yourself the best opportunity to see your potential relationships clearly. To learn more about Chakras and how they affect you, there are many books and classes available.

Note: I recommend anything written on the Chakras by Anodea Judith, Carolyn Myss and of course, my book Soul Soothers: Mini Meditations for Busy Lives which has multiple chapters on Energy and the Chakras. You can also find my classes on Chakras at LearnitLive.com. If you would like to be notified about classes or receive Cindy’s monthly newsletter with articles like this, just fill in below and I will keep you informed.






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