My DM from God

Direct messages are not only on Facebook. I received one from God! I was used to my conversations with God being one sided. I sometimes felt like the Verizon Guy, saying, “Can you hear me now, God?”

Much to my surprise, one day God answered back. I had finally met the guy … you know, the one that could be “The Guy!” After 2 years of dating, I moved four hours so we could live together and was excited to begin the next phase of my life. That was until I got The Phone Call. My boyfriend Dave was in the hospital ER. I arrived just in time to be with him when the doctor came to tell us Dave had Stage IV Lung and Bone cancer.

While Dave was in the hospital for further tests, he insisted that I still go to Connecticut for a job. I am a psychic and had a party scheduled in Greenwich. I started the drive down Route 17, crying hysterically. I thought that no one could survive cancer, so I was yelling at God at the top of my lungs. “How could you take away this amazing relationship?” “How dare you!” (I guess I was in the anger stage, barely past denial!)

I probably looked like a crazy person yelling in the car at no one as this was before built in blue tooth! Driving down the highway I kept telling God exactly what I thought about him and this situation. I finally yelled, “God, are you even out there?”

God TruckImmediately a tandem Guaranteed Overnight Delivery truck, with GOD plastered the whole length of both trailers, drives right by me on the highway. I swear it! A double GOD truck passed me in the right hand lane. It seemed to come out of nowhere and maybe it did.

After two seconds of being shocked by the fact that God answered me, (quite humorously, I might add) a strange calm came over me. I stopped crying and yelling and started trusting that everything was under control. I knew that no matter what, God heard me and was there with me. I can’t say that I wasn’t scared. But I had faith that no matter what happened, I had the support I needed to get through what ever was ahead for Dave and me.

That was over 14 years ago. Dave and I indeed got through his cancer. He was in remission in less than 6 months and we have been married for 14 years. We both feel strongly that the cancer was a part of his purpose. We have since co-authored a book about his life called Voyage of Purpose. He is now able to offer hope to those suffering from terminal disease as well as speak around the country about his earlier Near Death Experience and how it prepared him to cope with and survive Stage IV cancer. During our book tour, I found myself sharing my GOD story with people who have also received messages or saw signs from God. The stories I have heard are nothing short of miraculous! Sharing these experiences helps me to offer hope to others when times get tough and they feel hopeless. These Direct Messages from God remind us that we are not alone, not ever.

I will never forget my Direct Message. No matter what life throws my way, I know, and deeply trust, that God hears my call and will be there to help me through… guaranteed and sometimes, overnight!

Cindy Griffith is a Psychic, Spiritual Development Teacher and Blogger. Author of Soul Soothers: Mini Meditations for Busy Lives, Voyage of Purpose, written with her husband David Bennett, and her latest book, co-authored with Lisa K., Grow Your Spiritual Business. Cindy teaches On line, at the Edgar Cayce Center in Virginia Beach and in Tokyo. Cindy’s recent Masters degree focused on the Mystic’s (non religious specific) journey to spiritual maturity. Find more about Cindy, her articles, books, and Psychic readings at Cindy


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