2017 ~ It’s an Alice in Wonderland Kind of Year

10-wheel-numerologyWhat does Alice in Wonderland and 2017 have in common? When you add up the digits of 2017, you get 10. In Tarot Numerology, that translates to The Wheel of Fortune. So 2017 is a Wheel of Fortune Year. Knowing the associated fairy tale helps you to understand the energy available to you that year. The fairy tale for The Wheel of Fortune is Alice in Wonderland. So this year you may feel like Alice with all the ups and downs along with the adventures and opportunities for growth!

You also could use The Matrix to describe a Wheel of Fortune year. This year you will be asked to choose the Red Pill or Blue Pill. 2017 is the year you take the leap into a new adventure or decide to play it safe. Either decision will results in change. You will either leave people behind or be the one in the rearview mirror living someone else’s reality. No matter what choice you make, your life is bound to go through some change this year.

Overall change is usually a good thing and so a Wheel of Fortune year is also called a “Good Luck and New Beginning” year. So how do you make the most of the shifting energy this cycle? When the train bound for change comes by, jump on! The Universe will be putting lots of opportunities in front of you to choose from, keep your eye out for new possibilities! How do you know which opportunities to act on? Ask yourself… what are your priorities? Where is your passion? What are you ready to change? What will lead you toward the path to fulfilling your dreams? Don’t worry if you don’t know what that dream or passion is, it is just a matter of making choices on a daily basis that either put you on a path that is moving you forward or at least keeping you from becoming stagnant. In 2017, you will not feel comfortable sitting on the proverbial fence or making the same old knee jerk choices that have kept you in a circle of repeating circumstances. You will yearn for new ways of doing things. This is a good thing!

So keep your eye out for chances to release the old and make new choices! Take the Red Pill, come into your power by taking up on opportunities this year that catapult you into your highest potential! These opportunities will abound this year; take the choice that leads toward your New Beginning.

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