A Psychic Finds a Home at A.R.E.

13254496_10207469563910731_4274766526141656941_nAs I walk into Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. Welcome Center in Virginia Beach, a friendly woman named Edie greets me from behind the Information Desk. She asks if I have been to A.R.E. before and I answer shyly, “yes, but it has been a long time.” Edie doesn’t blink an eye and, as she explains all the resources available to me at the A.R.E., I feel embraced, like the prodigal son returning! This acceptance is one of the wonderful things about the A.R.E.; you may come and go, yet walking through those doors will always feel like coming home.

While we’re looking at the conference brochures on the wall, I tell Edie I am a psychic from New York thinking of moving to Virginia Beach. She suggests I be a part of the A.R.E. Bookstore’s Psychic Fair. Too soon my visit is over. Yet, I leave knowing regardless if I participate in the Psychic Fair, the A.R.E. is a place I can come anytime to nourish my soul.

sitting-cayce           I first came to Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment in the early 90’s on a class trip with my Metaphysical Teachers Training Program from New York. Designed to create metaphysical teachers who speak from more than one source, our program included teachings from Cayce as well as the Theosophical Society, Hermetic Philosophy, Golden Dawn and other mystical groups. As we toured the A.R.E. campus, our teacher reminded us of Cayce teachings. I didn’t realize then that although Cayce didn’t study other mystical teachings, much of his wisdom shared similar tenets. This universality came to the forefront when preparing my first talk for the A.R.E.’s Conscious Community Series, but I will get to that in a moment.

Almost a year after meeting Edie at the Information Desk, we move to Virginia Beach. Still thinking about her recommendation to be a psychic at the Bookstore Psychic Fair, I return to the A.R.E. campus to experience the fair from the patron side. I read on line we should get there early, so my husband and I arrive at 9 a.m. I’m surprised to see at least thirty people in line! I think, Wow, this is impressive! At 9:30 sharp we all pile in, greeted by volunteers handing out a brochure with a paragraph about each of the psychics and the schedule of free lectures. Excitedly, I follow the crowd into the mini auditorium to schedule my psychic reading! It is quite busy, so my appointment with Shannon isn’t until 1:15. My husband and I visit the vendors and look at the list of free workshops. We decide to attend a free crystal bowl meditation. After an impressive reading and amazing meditation, we leave A.R.E. feeling fulfilled and energized! I can see the value participants receive: fun, education, insight and spiritual community.

I absolutely knew I wanted to be involved with this enlightening event, so after an audition process of providing a full psychic reading to three A.R.E. employees, sharing why I wanted to be a part of the psychic fair, delving deeply into my educational and work history and answering questions about my life purpose, I was approved to be an A.R.E. Psychic. I felt honored to be accepted into the A.R.E. family and to offer psychic readings at future A.R.E. Psychic Fairs.

14469679_10208465014476373_5247862959387230358_n            The attendees I have since met at the Bookstore Psychic Fair are wonderful people from all walks of life and many are new to the Cayce material. Looking to improve both their daily and spiritual lives, many are eager to learn more about Edgar Cayce and the A.R.E. I quickly understood that both education and promoting personal growth are important gifts A.R.E. has to offer this new influx of seekers. I wanted to be a part of their education too. Thankfully the girls at the bookstore had invited me to lecture for the Conscious Community Series, a monthly free ninety-minute lecture. Preparing for my talk is where I began my deeper exploration of the Edgar Cayce material and discovered the combination of universality and uniqueness within.

The title of my lecture was simply Introduction to Metaphysics. I had given this talk img_2144many times and had enough information from my own diverse background to easily fill the ninety minutes. Yet, I needed to incorporate information from Cayce’s over 10,000 topics including those found in the 2,400+ more metaphysical Life Readings. I wondered how much I would have to add to or change my talk to include the Cayce material. This called for a trip to the A.R.E. bookstore. As an A.R.E. member, I have access to all 14,000+ readings online, yet sometimes it is nice to have a book devoted to the topic I want to explore. This is where John and others at the bookstore come in handy. Just ask them about any topic interesting you and they will take you right to the perfect book, or books in my case. I like that I can sit and read a little before I choose which ones to purchase. When I told John I wanted a biography on Cayce, he showed me There is a River by Thomas Sugrue and for a book on Cayce’s metaphysical views, he walked me right over to Contemporary Cayce by Kevin Todeschi and Henry Reed. Each was perfect to begin my exploration. There is a River is the only biography to be written when Cayce was still alive. Contemporary Cayce is based on the Search for God material and offers an overall understanding of Cayce’s work. I picked up a few more books: Edgar Cayce on the Spiritual Forces with in you by John Van Auken and Origin and Destiny of Man by Lytle Robinson. Thankfully, my membership gives me 20% off A.R.E. books!

are-bookstore-renovated1-1            I read There is a River first and was moved by Cayce’s humility, kindness, compassion plus his urge to be of service, the way he prayed for guidance and how he vowed to stop doing readings if they ever caused harm. He was not in it for the money, although people would have paid a fortune for his readings. He stayed humble throughout his entire life. I especially enjoyed the chapter titled Philosophy, which gave an overall view of his metaphysical outlook. I felt a deep kinship to the material and a profound respect for Cayce. Next I read Contemporary Cayce. So easy to understand, I recommend it to anyone interested in learning about the teachings of Edgar Cayce. I now had an outline for my lecture: Birth of the Soul, Reincarnation, Karma, Vibration, Ideals and Affirmations. Excited to begin my research into the Cayce readings, I used my membership and searched the actual readings online by putting in key words I was interested in.

I wanted to begin my talk with my favorite Cayce teaching: the birth of the Soul, yet I couldn’t find the source readings to match what I read in Lives of the Master by Glenn Sanderfur. This conundrum prompted a visit to the A.R.E. library. According to the EdgarCayce.org website, the library houses one of the largest collections of metaphysical books in the world. I asked the librarian how to find where Cayce tells the entire birth of the Soul story in one reading. She smiled, telling me she was researching the birth of the Soul too and just asked A.R.E.’s CEO, Kevin Todeschi the same question! What synchronicity! It turns out there is not one reading with the story told in full; the information has been collected from a number of them. Conundrum solved! She pulled the list of books Kevin suggested out of her purse and made me a copy. Even more convinced the Cayce material brings like-minded souls together; I left with the librarian’s recommended book, The Rest of the Noah Story in hand!

edgar-cayce            When I read the different Cayce readings on the birth of the Soul and some A.R.E. author’s versions, I thought the story seemed familiar to me. Then it came to me. Cayce’s birth of the Soul closely resembles the creation myth of Ponticus Evagrius, a second century Christian desert mystic I researched when undertaking my Masters program. Evagrius was familiar with Origen, also a Christian mystic with a similar creation story associated with Plato’s version! It was then I realized just how clearly Cayce was able to access the Akashic records and higher levels of consciousness. Even though a religious man, it is highly unlikely he read Evagrius, Origen or Plato’s more obscure writings! The importance of Cayce’s creation story is it lays the foundation for his metaphysical teachings. Through it, we learn reincarnation and karma are part of a larger plan to bring lost souls home to once again be conscious co-creators with God. We discover how the Soul later known as Jesus and other souls, came to earth to be examples of how to live so we can evolve and to remind us how much God wants us to recall our true identity. We learn that the difference between our true nature and our physical body is only a rate of vibration. The story also makes clear why Cayce believed Jesus is the best example of our highest Ideals, but we are jumping ahead. From birth of the Soul, I continued on to reincarnation.

I had my own views of reincarnation and wondered what Cayce taught. I was happy to discover our beliefs aligned. Of course, being Cayce material, I found some wonderful nuggets to add like the primary goal of reincarnation is to bring Spirit into Earth. Cayce explains, through reincarnation we come to comprehend our true identity and in doing so, we bring Spirit to Earth. “And that purpose is that you might know yourself to be yourself, and yet one with the Creative Forces, or God.” (2030-1) If you are going to teach about Reincarnation, you can’t leave out Karma, so my study of the Cayce material continued.

Karma ends up to be the only subject I have encountered where Edgar and I don’t quite see eye to eye. Cayce’s view on the purpose of karma being to assist us to come into a place of balance and an eventual state of love and oneness is very similar to how my other studies understood the purpose. Where I find a difference is in how that opportunity for balance arises in future lifetimes. Cayce’s insight on how communities, nations and races bear karma just as we do on a personal level is found in many spiritual teachings. His teachings on karma being in agreement with many major religious and spiritual teachings is one example of why people from any spiritual or religious upbringing were able to apply Cayce’s wisdom into their lives. Still today, the readings have a way of speaking to people from multiple beliefs without alienating or proselytizing. He taught other ways to evolve besides reincarnating, including bringing Christ or Oneness Consciousness into our being, which Cayce explained, is a matter of vibration.

vibration-slide-8            One of my favorite topics to teach students looking to shift their energy and take responsibility for their lives is Hermetic Philosophy including the Seven Universal Laws. When reading the Cayce material, I was excited to find an unusually deep understanding of a central Hermetic tenet, the Law of Vibration. Cayce explained healing is a matter of shifting to a higher vibration, about the importance of being aware of our vibration and how prayer and meditation raise our vibration. It was easy to include Cayce’s views on vibration into my talk, as once again, I didn’t have to change a thing. More proof of the universality of the teachings and Cayce’s ability to access both the Akashic Records and the Collective Unconscious.

slide04            Not everything I found in Cayce’s readings was familiar. I was intrigued by his unique concept of Ideals. Growing up, I struggled when told morals should be my Northern Star. Being a spiritual rebel, I never wanted someone telling me how I should think. Cayce turned this concept inside out. He advised Ideals be our Northern Star. Yet Cayce said Ideals need to come from within us not from someone else. He tells us to identify what our Ideals are and use them in guiding us in making decisions, deciding how to react to life’s up and downs and directing our lives. As a devout Christian, Cayce upheld Jesus’ life as an example of the greatest Ideals. While researching, I was taken by the usefulness of Ideals and soon added them to my own spiritual practice with instantaneous positive results. Later, when asked what Survey Lecture I was passionate about teaching, I chose Ideals. But getting back to Introduction to Metaphysics, I decided to finish my lecture with Affirmations.

Edgar Cayce stressed the importance of Affirmations long before Louise Hay made them famous. Not only as an important tool in meditation, Cayce gave people affirmations for healing, spiritual growth or general mental and emotional wellbeing. His use of affirmations rivals any new age guru, which reinforces what I begin each Survey Lecture saying – “The importance of Cayce’s work is just as relevant for today’s seeker as it was for those lucky enough to have had a reading from Cayce himself.”

As a psychic and spiritual teacher coming to Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E., what did I find? I find a place filled with like-minded and accepting people where I can safely feed my soul. Learning more about Cayce himself, I find an abundance of inspiration and set of ideals including humility, graciousness, gratitude and kindness. As I continue to study the readings, I find an inexhaustible source of wisdom, both universal and unique, that guides, nourishes and supports me in my own spiritual journey. I find a better way to live my life. What a blessing! Thank you Edgar Cayce and your A.R.E. And thank you Edie, for being so accepting and kind. You welcomed me home and for that I am truly grateful!




Cindy Griffith is a Psychic, Spiritual Teacher and Huffington Post Blogger. Author of Soul Soothers: Mini Meditations for Busy Lives, she is excited to help other spiritual practitioners with her latest book, Grow Your Spiritual Business. In the late 90’s, Cindy graduated from Openway, a four-year healing program, the Lightbearer three-year Metaphysical Training program and from Empire State College, a New York State University where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Spiritual Counseling and Healing. More recently, Cindy achieved her Masters in Consciousness Development also at Empire State where she focused on the Mystic’s journey to spiritual maturity. Cindy teaches metaphysics, spiritual and psychic development and topics relating to the Cayce teachings online through LearnitLive.com, at the Edgar Cayce Center in Virginia Beach and in Tokyo with Voice Workshops. She offers psychic and channeled sessions at the A.R.E. psychic fairs, her Virginia Beach office and fairs around the country. Find more about Cindy, her articles, books, classes and Psychic readings at Cindy Griffith.com


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