How to Fix a Sluggish Base Chakra

understand-your-energetic-system-basic-slide         Chakras are unseen energy processors that reside within our body to help us process and utilize energy. The Base Chakra, also known as the Root or First Chakra, is the one that helps us process energy to boost our vitality and helps us stay grounded. When this chakra is sluggish, we feel tired, unsafe, ungrounded and burnt out. We can develop sciatica, intestinal issues, bone or flesh issues, weight problems and a feeling that we just can’t deal with life’s challenges.

I am sure everyone can relate to a few of these symptoms of a sluggish Base Chakra. That is because everyone has a little bit of issue with each chakra. It is rare that someone would be perfect in a particular chakra. Usually a chakra is either over or under active. Balance is difficult because life keeps throwing us curves to navigate which throw our energetic system off balance. But what can we do, in the case of an out of balance Base Chakra?

Yes, going for a healing would help, yet learning the associations of a chakra is the best way to keep that chakra balanced on a more consistent basis. Each chakra has a color, element, food, tone, key word, gland and body part. By understanding what they are, you can support the chakra by working through the association.

Here are some associations for the Base Chakra:

  • Key Words: Survival, Groundedness and Vitality.
  • Gland: Adrenal
  • Physical Body: The Body, Bones, Large Intestines, Fleshy Parts.
  • Element: Earth
  • Color: Red
  • Food: Protein
  • Tone: “O” as in OM or rope.
  • Crystals: Anything Red or Black: Garnet, Red Jasper, Hematite, Onyx, Ruby.
  • Verb: I have

When your Base Chakra is sluggish, you can to use these associations to bring it back into balance. Using color, you could add red to you’re life through clothes, food, bed sheets or even wall color if this chakra was continually weak. Use the crystal as jewelry or to charge your drinking or bath water. Be careful, some crystals are toxic and should not be put in your water!

Knowing the gland is the Adrenal, one could watch out how much caffeine and sugar are ingested or focus on stress reduction to reduce the stress on the Adrenals. Here is an article that talks about the triggers for Adrenal problems.

Balancing how much protein and what type of protein you eat can help boost a sluggish Base Chakra. Remember, balance is important; a heavy protein or a low protein diet both can be troublesome for the Base Chakra. Then you could always work on toning. You will find that different systems use different tones for each Chakra, but I like Om-ing when I am feeling ungrounded or tired.

Thinking of the key words you will give insight into where you might be challenging this chakra. Here we have Survival, Groundedness and Vitality. How in your life is your Survival threatened? Do you feel you have the right to be here? Why might you not want to be in your body (Grounded)? Looking at Vitality, what keeps sapping your vitality?

Strengthening your chakras through working with the associations has been done throughout the ages. Learning each chakra, its associations along with the warning signs can help you keep your Energetic System working in top-notch condition. To find out more about the chakras and your Energetic System, you can take my three part online class Understanding Your Energetic System.

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