About Cindy Griffith-Bennett

Cindy transsmLLCindy Griffith-Bennett 

Author of Soul Soothers: Mini Meditations for Busy Lives, published by Findhorn Press, April 2013 and Co-Author of Voyage Griffith-Bennett hi-resof Purpose: Spiritual Wisdom from Near-Death back to Life, published by Findhorn Press, October 2011

Cindy Griffith-Bennett is an internationally renowned Psychic, teacher, and author, with a diverse background in Metaphysics and Energetic Healing. She has taught and counseled throughout the East Coast. Now living in the Finger Lake region of New York with her husband, David, she has clients throughout the USA and abroad.  Cindy is currently happily exploring her passion of Psychology, Mythology, Folk Lore, and Mysticism as she completes her Masters in Consciousness Development.

Cindy holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Spiritual Counseling and Healing from SUNY Empire State and is a graduate of a three-year Metaphysical Teacher Training Program based upon the teaching of the Theosophical School and other spiritual Masters. She also graduated from Openway, a four year healing school in Charlottesville, Va. She has traveled and written published articles on her spiritual journeys through Egypt, Greece, Italy, and Ireland as well as received three days of teaching from the Dalai Lama. Cindy is the featured psychic on Ithaca’s Classic Rock I100 and Light Rock 97.3.

For More about Cindy

Website: PsychicSupport.com & SpiritualSimplicityBooks.com

Twitter: @TarotHeals

Facebook: Cindy Griffith’s Giving Back Page

Google Plus: Cindy Griffith

Pinterest: Cindy Griffith


For a Free glimpse of Soul Soothers: Mini Meditations for Busy Lives, Click Here!


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