Cayce and the Lion: Tarot Numerology

Tarot Numerology explained through Edgar Cayce and the ARE. … More Cayce and the Lion: Tarot Numerology


Wisdom of the Tarot

I have been studying Tarot for over twenty-five years and am always amazed at its wisdom. Not only the wisdom gained by offering readings, but also the wisdom gained by studying the twenty-two major arcana. Arcana means secrets and thank goodness, the secrets are available to those willing to explore the Tarot.

Most recently, I have been investigating the Powers, Laws and Results as suggested by Paul Foster Case in his book, The Tarot. … More Wisdom of the Tarot

My DM from God

Direct messages are not only on Facebook. I received one from God! I was used to my conversations with God being one sided. I sometimes felt like the Verizon Guy, saying, “Can you hear me now, God?” Much to my surprise, one day God answered back. I had finally met the guy … you know, … More My DM from God